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A week before the arrival our second Poleetic Intern, and after the success of the first one(our intern, entered the EEMI program and is now working with one of our partners), we issue this note clarifying our needs and the content of our missions internships. We have noticed that some felt that our ads were too precise, too demanding for an internship…


We are looking for candidates with an overall sensitivity for digital and not a function of an Internet project (SEO, webmaster, php developer, etc).

Our small business has got 2 axis of evolution on which the trainee is fully involved:

Business Analysis / Digital Project Management:  The monitoring and implementation of a digital project, from the specifications for to the analysis of metrics analysis.

Our commitment : Every student, in conjunction with the internship supervisor, should follow each step of a web project and in the last months of training must be able to  manage a single project, with a bi-weekly report.

E-Governance : Our research on this  topic forward and we report our results to our interns and entrust certain parts of analysis to control. Given the fact that digital governance impacts almost all web disciplines, it is necessary that the student grasps the working environment and the elements of a web project.

We do not put students in a closet to fill an Excel document. At Poleetic, students come to present their work to the clients, and they understand what the recommendations are made of. Understanding customer’s  needs represents a great part project management.


We hope  that this is clear enough, we want to be fully transparent and that everyone can move forward so if you think you have come to the right place, where you wish to work, please email us your cv : or fill in the internship / freelancer form in the Contact & Exchange page.


Otherwise to assist you in your search, you can let your CV online on these websites: