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Manage your digital presence differently

For all digital stakeholders

From marketing and communications functions to business and IT or intellectual property, from local offices to corporate headquarters, from the C-suite to operational teams, Strat-EG has been designed to serve the needs of all teams that have responsability for organizations’ online presence: common performance indicators and a shared knowledge-base (policies, guidelines and directory) as well as dedicated monitoring tools.

Security, infrastructure, domain names, SEO/SMO, editorial guidelines… Never miss anything.

Digital governance and Strat-EG

Why differently?

  • Monitor your brand’s digital footprint across the web and edit it via a single application
  • Optimize and prioritize your digital resources
  • Get ahead of the game and gain competitive advantage

With Strat-EG

  • Measure the performance of your websites and related processes
  • Benchmark your performance against your competitors
  • Monitor and administer your digital assets with innovative tools and alert features

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