Project Mode

Do not limit yourself to simple project objectives but define performance indicators beforehand. We manage, on your behalf, the service providers, freelancers and associated budgets and organise the project points and only call on you when necessary.

We also identify the relative subjects of your project and we accompany you in their accomplishment: Example to launch a web site it is also necessary to think about :

  • statistics
  • legal information
  • cookie policy
  • governance of google tools
  • consolidation of internal knowledge for your future replacements

We integrate this 360° vision into our support and advice!

Supporting you in managing your projects

We support our clients in the deployment of their digital strategies in conjunction with service providers.

  • Drafting of specifications
  • Management of calls for tender
  • Monitoring of budgets
  • Steering
  • Monitoring of schedules
  • Timesheets
  • Resource management
  • Recipe follow-up
  • Knowledge Management

Creating your digital identity and monitoring your reputation on the web

Poleetic assists personal & institutional brands in implementing a strategy to control their image and reputation on the Internet.

  • Digital identity
  • Occupation of social networks
  • Setting up crisis management systems
  • Monitoring
  • Personal branding
  • Editorial strategy
  • Content creation
  • Brand protection
  • Preemption of expression spaces…

Making the most of digital communication tools

Whether you are looking for advice on referencing, a regular summary and interpretation of your site’s statistics, or recommendations to improve the performance of your business, Poleetic is committed to providing you with the most appropriate expert solution:

  • Project management
  • Mastery of the technical and functional Internet environments
  • Control of workflows and information sharing
  • Mutualisation of projects for partner sites or units
  • Strong competence in the fields of referencing and accessibility
  • Mastery of social networks

Optimising the referencing of your websites

We implement actions to improve the visibility of your brands in search engine results.

  • Semantic audit
  • Natural referencing
  • Internal linking
  • SEO statistical markers
  • Microdata
  • SEO content and editorial planning
  • Linking | Publisher partnerships
  • Competitive intelligence
  • Domain name monitoring (takeover)
  • Performance monitoring…

Putting editorial at the heart of your strategy

We help brands to produce and use content to serve their objectives on all digital media, in line with their different strategies (Web/SEO/SMO…)

  • Inventories
  • Workflows
  • Editorial charter
  • Keywords
  • Editorial planning
  • Content production
  • Linkbaiting campaigns
  • Distribution strategy
  • Publisher partnerships
  • Training
  • Dedicated tools
  • Performance monitoring…

Generate leads and convert them into customers

We are committed to putting our clients’ digital devices to work for them.

  • Mapping
  • Lead generation levers
  • Scenarios
  • Dashboards
  • Google Analytics training
  • Landing pages
  • Optimisation of conversion tunnels
  • Testing
  • Performance monitoring

Making the most of social media

We help our clients to occupy the social media terrain and address their targets effectively.

  • Communication strategy and profile
  • Brand protection
  • Guidelines
  • Setting up tools
  • Graphic customisation
  • Training
  • Community management
  • Performance monitoring