We are your Pole of Expertise

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Poleetic is a label that gathers independants experts in the digital marketing field.
Labelled as an ‘Innovative company”, Poleetic has been supporting organizations since 2006, helping them to optimize their online presence through the development of innovative Digital Governance solutions since 2012.

  • Do you need help to work out a digital strategy and an ecommerce business plan?
  • Do you want to subcontract the specifications of a web project or the its management and production?
  • Do you seek guidance and consultation for ranking and referencing of your websites, an analysis and a syntesis of your web analytics?
  • Do you want a recommandation to optimize your digital performance?

You can count on our experts‘ strengths: strong skills, great achievements and one goal: the success for your projects.

Our methodology for your success

Our principles of action

  • Agility: Our organization is very light, on purpose, to ensure our ability to move fast.
  • Freedom: We are very committed to open-source standards as well as every mean that tend to make our clients autonomous (documentation and knowledge).
  • Innovation: Labelled as an “Innovative company”, Poleetic has made a lot of investments in various research projects in the field of performance and digital governance.