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Duplicate intra-Group and external content and Google DMCA

By |2023-07-25T07:21:34+00:00July th25, 2023|Categories: Digital Governance, Poleetic, Project Management|

Managing the copying of content on your site network (BU/PAYS) versus the copying of content by third parties and therefore under DMCA 'penalty'. This is a real and growing issue, with an increasing number of customer cases and disasters that could have been avoided.

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Graphical guideline for digital projects: objectives, contents and example

By |2017-01-28T10:59:22+00:00June th24, 2016|Categories: Project Management, Uncategorized|

A website consists of templates, that is to say, page templates (form), and content (substance). The content has its own framework: the online editorial guidelines (or digital) The form also has its framework: the online graphical guidelines (or digital) Both are extremely important to control your digital assets, deploy and optimize them over time. We


Lemoine Report: The main learnings

By |2023-09-19T07:03:04+00:00November th7, 2014|Categories: Digital Governance, Trends, trends, Uncategorized|

Digital is one of the priority issues for the government since 2013. No less than 3 Ministries mandated Philippe Lemoine to identify the digital transformation drivers for France. The recommendations from 7 November are in the hands of Axelle Lemaire , the Chief Digital Officer of France, which informed the report expected from the


The multisite factory concept

By |2023-09-19T07:02:37+00:00October th30, 2014|Categories: Digital Governance, Poleetic, Project Management, Uncategorized|

Set up a factory site allows you to create multiple websites on a single server, with the same CMS installation; they can be easily duplicated and adapted if necessary: New entities New targets to address New services Migration of existing sites (…) … administer these consistently and strategically. The installation of a factory requires


Digital Governance: optimize the password

By |2023-09-19T07:04:22+00:00July th9, 2014|Categories: Digital Governance, Poleetic, Project Management, Security, trends, Uncategorized|

The password, a little chain of characters that everyone use everyday, represents a very serious topic for cyber-security actors. A good password governance for companies requires a clear policy, shared with every stakeholder and monitored through a regular and automatized process. More and more services used by companies and now available online, making these


Global Facebook Page: The solution of social e-governance

By |2023-09-19T07:01:04+00:00July th9, 2014|Categories: Digital Governance, Innovation, Project Management, Uncategorized|

We waited for almost 1 year … originally nicknamed the “Hub Page”, the “Global Page” has finally arrived on Facebook: it allows us to manage, merge options, administration and access several brands, countries and business pages. We can now “finally” accept local initiatives from a store or franchisee as they are part of a


Internship search web | digital | internet: you and us

By |2017-01-28T10:59:23+00:00January th27, 2014|Categories: Poleetic, Tribune, Uncategorized|

A week before the arrival our second Poleetic Intern, and after the success of the first one(our intern, entered the EEMI program and is now working with one of our partners), we issue this note clarifying our needs and the content of our missions internships. We have noticed that some felt that our ads were


The six rules for good domain names management

By |2023-09-19T07:02:12+00:00November th26, 2013|Categories: Digital Governance, Poleetic, Project Management, Uncategorized|

Managing a portfolio of domains requires real skills, as shown in the example of Unilever and its brand portfolio: According to Wikipedia, Unilever has more than 400 brands in the world, 13 of which have a turnover amounting to over 8 billion euros and more than a half a billion euros. Together, the


Poleetic launches QR code / code 2D mobile Application

By |2024-05-14T08:04:33+00:00November th15, 2013|Categories: Innovation, Poleetic, Tribune, Uncategorized|

We are pleased to present our first mobile application, homemade and for our own needs ... Okay it’s also for the pleasure to give you a true and effective free QR app ... ;-) The success of our QRcode generator available for free on the website, and always aiming at mastering the entire media and