Moving and securing digital infrastructure and websites

In the context of our clients’ activities (multi-brand and multi-country), we are often confronted with a great deal of digital decentralisation and little pooling of knowledge and resources. This may have worked in the past, but at a time when cybersecurity, GDPR and knowledge sharing are key in the systems implemented, it is no longer possible.

This is why our clients ask us to propose concrete methods of change. For example, in 2022 we audited, moved and secured 100 websites in 7 months for an international client. All the sites were under different CMS, different versions and had to be repatriated to the same host in France for a global vision of the assets and global security action if necessary.

Our method includes among other things :

  • Audit of domain names
  • Audit of target technologies
  • Relation with the Business line and Business unit
  • Definition of batches (by technology, scopes, difficulties)
  • Upgrading of Analytics governance
  • Reading of the SEO visibility of assets
  • Securing web headers
  • Governance of Https certificates
  • Implementation of monitoring and governance tools
  • Governance of SMTP channels to ensure deliverability
  • Audit of sites to identify priority developments and security
  • And of course the physical move (NDD, rootfiles, DB, etc.)