Support you in the implementation or evolution of your digital strategy and the optimization of the management of your digital assets (domain names, websites, social networks, mobile applications).

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  • Les principaux enseignements que l’on peut tirer du Rapport Lemoine

Lemoine Report: The main learnings

Digital is one of the priority issues for the government since 2013. No less than 3 Ministries mandated Philippe Lemoine to identify the digital transformation

The multisite factory concept

Set up a factory site allows you to create multiple websites on a single server, with the same CMS installation; they can be easily duplicated

  • Gouvernance digitale optimiser les mots de passe

Digital Governance: optimize the password

The password, a little chain of characters that everyone use everyday, represents a very serious topic for cyber-security actors. A good password governance for companies

Analysis & consulting

Interviews and proximity are the 2 main pilars of the success of our missions. Our recipe: understand your present and future imperatives (costs, resources, deadlines) and advise you on the roadmap leading to your goals.

Our vision

Project mode

Project mode

Do not be limited to the objectives of the project but define the performance indicators. The pole manages, on your behalf, providers, freelances (and associated budgets), manages the project and solicit you only when necessary.

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Poleetic support is to provide the data and project guidelines that will further help you to achieve your goals, with innovative methods. Because of its variety of  expertises, the pole gives access to and benefit from the latest trends and leading-edge technologies.

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