Analysis and consulting

Helping you define the right strategy

Poleetic intervenes at all stages of the implementation of your strategies…

  • Benchmark (analysis and comparison of competitors)
  • Audits and mapping
  • Framing of objectives
  • Work on targets
  • (Digital) life cycle of your targets and customers
  • Strategy and associated action plan

…and on all subjects

  • Online communication
  • Lead generation
  • Visual identity
  • Visibility
  • Editorial
  • Social networks…

Our vision

Our vision is to take a step back (or even a long way) and look at all your digital assets. And not only to analyse a conversion web page and compare it to a competitor’s.

Indeed, a device is global and not just a screen!

You must also take into account the Knowledge. That is to say, everything that could be noted and relevant during audits, benchmarks, definitions of objective targets, etc. must be gathered and recorded in a tool, accompanied by a global method that is understood and shared within the “digital” departments of your company.
This is Digital Governance for us. This is what we call digital asset management!

Our method has been tested for more than 10 years and is recognised in several multi-brand, multi-country groups in both B2B and B2C.

Finally, be careful not to focus on the content and not on the form! That is to say, only the editorial and not the technical aspects.

Indeed, you will also have a lot of maintenance, monitoring and performance problems linked to your infrastructure and this will prevent you from fully concentrating on your messages and objectives. It is also at this granular level that we intervene and analyse your devices. Just take a look at the reputation of our experts and you will understand our various actions.