Monitoring and measuring performance

There are several axes/levels of performance. Visible and invisible ones, such as tranquillity or knowledge, for example. Our method aims to give a global vision and a fine quantitative or qualitative identification of what works and what doesn’t and the levers for improvement.

Infrastructure performance

Very present in the air of time, especially since the last update of google on the subject:

  • Security
  • CDN (content delivery network)
  • Loading time
  • Code cleaning
  • Server optimization
  • CMS optimisation

There are many elements to analyse and monitor in the connection and conversion cycle of a web user!

Generate leads and convert them into customers

We focus on putting our clients’ digital devices at the service of sales.
Converting and responding to target audiences is in the agency’s DNA.

Did you know that conversion and value can be measured even on a purely institutional or B2B site? Test us…

  • Mapping | Blue print | Scenarii
  • Google Analytics training
  • Landing pages
  • Conversion Tunnel Optimisation
  • Testing
  • Performance monitoring
  • Dashboards

Measuring the achievement of your goals

We believe that performance measurement is essential and should be included in all digital action plans. Poleetic has developed a method for monitoring digital devices! We are here to teach you.

  • Site performance measurement
  • Benchmark
  • Steering
  • Control
  • Toolbox