Google My Business Strategy, management & deployment

During our SEO / e-reputation project management or website deployment, we offer a parallel mission with a high impact on visibility and conversion: the optimisation of your Google My Business strategy. We have even created a dedicated product:

Take an international group with 7 Business Lines in 60 countries … there are potentially 420 Google My business records, now Google Business Profile, which are publicly published under the governance or not of the BU, BL or Group.

Managing and optimising these profiles has enormous power in terms of visibility, e-reputation and lead capture! Here are some concrete indicators for a client.
Context of these figures: Mission carried out for an industrial B2B group between February 2019 and October 2019. 38 Google My Business listings to be optimised in the PACA region. I compare the figures before and after the mission below. Sources of the client’s Google My Business statistics.

There are so many subtleties in the management of multiple GMB records, that not everyone can have a global vision. Our experience with large international groups and thousands of records allows us to always find the best scenario with Google or your BUs/clients.

Our analysis and recommendations cover the following topics :

  • Audit of all your known or unknown listings in your countries or catchment areas
  • Construction and governance of a Group Google Business Profile account
  • Support for grouping
  • Support for Google blocking cases (we have a GMB agency account)
  • Definition of key indicators on a file, a business group or globally
  • Strategy for managing multiple listings
  • Strategy for automating posts on cards
  • Strategy for capturing ratings and positive reviews
  • Optimisation of Community Management on reviews
  • Linking engagement statistics to your acquisition reports

Our method is proven with real case studies and concrete examples!

For our real estate clients with 30 listings in France, after deployment and optimization of the engagement, Google Business Profile represents (in addition to traditional SEO) :

  • 95% of their visibility on page 1 of Google
  • 30% of lead capture
  • 25% of conversion

1 out of 4 signed customers comes from e-reputation and a Google My Business strategy and this in 18 months time…

And you? do you want to increase your leads by 25% in the next 18 months?

Here are some of our references: