Digital factory (wordpress multisite)

We assist multi-brand and multi-country groups in the design of their “digital factory”. From graphic and architectural design, to technical implementation and country deployment, we are experts in this field with multiple references.

Multisite is a WordPress feature that allows a group or company with several entities or websites to group them together and create a network of sites on a single WordPress installation (one server/host).

This way, a lot of things are shared (reduction of server and maintenance costs) and governance and cybersecurity are at the same level for all sites.

Advantage for the Group :

  • A global governance of sites and access (WordPress core)
  • Graphic consistency
  • Functional coherence
  • A strike force to be easily activated in the event of a local or global crisis
  • Support in the country
  • An element of mutualisation between countries (lower overall costs)
  • Sites pulled up / current media expectations (responsive, SEO, Https etc.)
  • A clear and documented backup policy
  • Governance of centralized google tools (analytics, search console, google my business etc.)
  • Scalable sites together:
    • change of brand
    • novel strategy
    • deployment of content (corporate video, group CP feeds etc.)
  • A global vision of analytics allows us to identify champions and help the less good (best practices):
    • best sites
    • best content (example top 50 of the best content of 2019 that you should have on your site)
    • better notoriety/authority (backlinks)
  • Easily identify new content that will serve the Group’s website or print reference documents. #crossmedia
  • The peace of mind of an identical functional TMA contract, not a unitary one.

Advantage for the Countries :

  • Benefit from a strong design that responds to the Brand’s policy.
  • Benefit from an efficient and secure hosting including continuous operational maintenance (updates and technical monitoring).
  • A responsive site, i.e. compatible with multiple mobile and tablet media – (standard required by Google now).
  • A site in HTTPS (standard requested by Google now)
  • A site optimized for natural SEO
  • Recover developments made by other countries (mutualisation)
  • Benefit from functionalities and options made available by the group on the platform (see option)
  • A clear and documented backup policy
  • To have a training platform facilitating the handover of local digital functions.
  • To have standardized automatic monthly statistics reports allowing comparison between countries.
  • Have Google tools (analytics, google search console, recaptcha, google my business, etc.) configured for its site(s) and generating alerts if problems occur.
  • Have powerful integration templates to facilitate writing, translation and integration.
  • Focus on your targets, messages, content and more on the technical side.
  • Forms archiving contacts: contacts no longer arrive only by email and are no longer lost during handovers.