Domain name portfolio audit

Our vision is simple: in a large multi-brand, multi-country organisation, all digital begins with a domain name (internet, intranet, extranet).

Indeed, when you want to control and have a factual reading of the entire digital device in your company or organisation, you absolutely must know and monitor your entire domain name portfolio.

But there are several types of domain names:

1/ There are domain names registered by your IT or legal/brand department to access a website

2/ There are also all the invisible domain names that have been registered by your legal department to secure your brand from cybersquatters. These domain names can either land on a blank page or in the worst case create duplicate websites and incur duplicate content penalties from google.

3/ Then there are all the domains registered “on the sly” by your Business Units. The main reasons are often local initiatives due to a lack of knowledge of domain name policy.
Indeed, local initiatives are something that must be monitored (and therefore anticipated) in order to avoid pitfalls in digital governance, in infrastructure security, and in brand management. A good domain name watch will tell you which domains have been registered, deleted, modified or auctioned containing your brand.

4/ Finally, to finish our analysis, our studies and advice also cover the bottom layer of domain names, the so-called sub-domains. Indeed, each domain name can also have other services declared as sub-domains such as https://blog.masociété.com

Some examples of the topics covered by our analysis and recommendations:

  • Analysis of the known portfolio
  • Analysis of the unknown portfolio
  • Analysis of domain names at auction
  • Analysis and strategy of expired domains
  • WHOIS governance
  • Optimisation and governance
  • Automatic renewal and billing
  • TMCH
  • SNAP of domains
  • Special cases and Business Unit domain filings
  • Organising / Classifying domains
  • 301 redirection and page parking
  • NDD action form / support
  • monitoring tool
  • nTLD: New Top-Level Domain
  • WildCards
  • Subdomains
  • etc.