Set up a factory site allows you to create multiple websites on a single server, with the same CMS installation; they can be easily duplicated and adapted if necessary:

  • New entities
  • New targets to address
  • New services
  • Migration of existing sites (…)

… administer these consistently and strategically.

The installation of a factory requires rigorous work and the establishment of a specific governance (user, methodology …) but the benefits and power of sites are magnified.

We must differentiate “Factory sites” and “Multisite”.

  • The first is a new standardised installation.
  • The second is a single multi-tenant facility.

The advantages

Reduced cost and time:

  • Pooling of accommodation
  • Pooling of developments
  • Pooling of maintenance and backup
  • Pooling of developments and Shared Services

Optimization of visibility:

  • Each site has its own IP address (thanks to RIPE IP block) and Google does not see the technical pooling that has been done, the process does not negatively impact the mesh between sites and referencing pages and their content.
  • Each site can dynamically relay information from each other in real time, and improve overall linking (creating networks linking).

Optimization of Knowledge:

  • Each webmaster can switch from one site to another (depending on defined access rights) maintaining the same interface.
  • Training of newcomers (webmaster…) becomes easier
  • Monitoring of all changes done on the websites (content review).

Optimization of governance: 

  • The central team manages local access in case of departure or mobility, they will be contained.
  • The central team can monitor site performance and updating.
  • The central team can take over ine case of local or global crisis (and thus limit the negative impact on the online reputation of the brand)
  • If necessary (recast brand new strategic messages …), the diffusion is simplified.

Risks and solutions

  • Diligent monitoring and security are needed.
  • All sites are on the same server, a technical default on the server or on a site impacts all sites in the factory.
  • A DDOS attack (DoS = server saturation) no longer impacts a site but all sites.

Once the factory is lapped and launched (several integrated sites), you should duplicate servers and increase levels of security control (simultaneous connection to the same IP for example …) to deal with these risks.