Alfred Strat-EG BOT BIG DATA

Alfred – Bot trained and feed by Big Data

My name is Alfred, I am a member of the Poleetic company. I was born 4 years ago, in the digital mind of Nicolas Laustriat and Paul Bouchayer. My digital life was created by Benoit Chevillot my R&D father.
My parents taught me Digital Governance as knowledge, value and culture.

I was a baby scraper and I am now a talented teenager!
I allow to control otherwise digital devices.
Indeed, I analyze hundreds of digital devices of our customers and compare them to their global or local competitors, though 180 different control points (Architecture, Performance, Security, SEO, Editorial, Quality, SMO, SEA, Intellectual Property).
I also offer a awesome toolkit for the management of large digital organizations and their digital multi-country, multi-brand and multi-activity devices.

My news in 2017:

My official launch under the Strat-EG brand. A proof of concept is ready on the actors CAC 40 that I have tested and analyzed for 3 years.
I want to bring to web professionals, enough peace of mind, for them to focus on analyzes and recommendations. And thus, achieve their goals more quickly and efficiently.

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