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Graphical guideline for digital projects: objectives, contents and example

By |June th24, 2016|Categories: Project Management, Uncategorized|

A website consists of templates, that is to say, page templates (form), and content (substance). The content has its own framework: the online editorial guidelines (or digital) The form also has its framework: the online graphical guidelines (or digital) Both are extremely important to control your digital assets, deploy and optimize them over time. We


Lemoine Report: The main learnings

By |November th7, 2014|Categories: Digital Governance, Trends, Uncategorized|

Digital is one of the priority issues for the government since 2013. No less than 3 Ministries mandated Philippe Lemoine to identify the digital transformation drivers for France. The recommendations from 7 November are in the hands of Axelle Lemaire , the Chief Digital Officer of France, which informed the report expected from the National


The multisite factory concept

By |October th30, 2014|Categories: Digital Governance, Poleetic, Project Management, Uncategorized|

Set up a factory site allows you to create multiple websites on a single server, with the same CMS installation; they can be easily duplicated and adapted if necessary: New entities New targets to address New services Migration of existing sites (…) … administer these consistently and strategically. The installation of a factory requires rigorous


Digital Governance: optimize the password

By |July th9, 2014|Categories: Digital Governance, Poleetic, Project Management, Security, Uncategorized|

The password, a little chain of characters that everyone use everyday, represents a very serious topic for cyber-security actors. A good password governance for companies requires a clear policy, shared with every stakeholder and monitored through a regular and automatized process. More and more services used by companies and now available online, making these policies


Global Facebook Page: The solution of social e-governance

By |July th9, 2014|Categories: Digital Governance, Innovation, Project Management, Uncategorized|

We waited for almost 1 year … originally nicknamed the “Hub Page”, the “Global Page” has finally arrived on Facebook: it allows us to manage, merge options, administration and access several brands, countries and business pages. We can now “finally” accept local initiatives from a store or franchisee as they are part of a global


The six rules for good domain names management

By |November th26, 2013|Categories: Digital Governance, Poleetic, Project Management, Uncategorized|

Managing a portfolio of domains requires real skills, as shown in the example of Unilever and its brand portfolio: According to Wikipedia, Unilever has more than 400 brands in the world, 13 of which have a turnover amounting to over 8 billion euros and more than a half a billion euros. Together, the


Poleetic launches QR code / code 2D mobile Application

By |November th15, 2013|Categories: Innovation, Poleetic, Tribune, Uncategorized|

We are pleased to present our first mobile application, homemade and for our own needs ... Okay it’s also for the pleasure to give you a true and effective free QR app ... ;-) The success of our QRcode generator available for free on the website, and always aiming at mastering the entire media and innovations