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  • Facebook Global Pages, la solution de E-gouvernance sociale

Global Facebook Page: The solution of social e-governance

By |July th9, 2014|Categories: Digital Governance, Innovation, Project Management, Uncategorized|

We waited for almost 1 year … originally nicknamed the “Hub Page”, the “Global Page” has finally arrived on Facebook: it allows us to manage, merge options, administration and access several brands, countries and business pages. We can now “finally” accept local initiatives from a store or franchisee as they are part of a global

  • Avantages, risques et solutions des usines à sites drupal, wordpress et joomla

Advantages, risk and solution for Drupal, WordPress and Joomla websites factories

By |May th6, 2013|Categories: Innovation, Project Management, Uncategorized|

The factory site concept Owning a factory site allows to build several sites on the same server and with the same installation of CMS, you can duplicate and adapt easily to a new need: New entities, New targets, New services Migration of existing sites (...) ... And administer consistently and strategically. The installation of a

  • Générer / créer gratuitement un QRcode

Generate / create a free QR Code

By |July th25, 2012|Categories: Client Relation, Innovation, Poleetic, Project Management, Tribune, Uncategorized|

We provide free of charge the generator alias QRcode Barcode 2d (not an f ***** Flashcode). This tool allows you to create QR TAG:   Text Phone Vcard URL SMS WIFI,etc.     [qrcodes_wpress display="generator"] New ! To test your QRcode created or general scanner, we have developed a mobile application Iphone. download it

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Try open-source CMS before installing them

By |June th11, 2012|Categories: Client Relation, Innovation, Project Management, Uncategorized|

We had planned to setup a demo platform for our customers so they can test the various open source CMS available in the market (website, blog, forum, e-commerce). This project was aiming at supporting our recommendations and illustrate them with examples or real-world case studies. After the first discussion with our developers, we realized that the

  • Poleetic aime WORDPRESS

Poleetic likes WordPress

By |January th24, 2012|Categories: Innovation, Poleetic, Project Management, Uncategorized|

For those who have followed our training sessions at Cegos or during an e-reputation mission, you could see huge benefits of WordPress in comparision with publisher’s solution type IBM Websphere and Microsoft Sharepoint. Some will say that we can’t compare ... They are right! But they often forget to analyze the needs of  the contributors, the conduct