• A qui appartient ce nom de domaine ? Outil Whois …

Who owns this domain? Whois …

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We provide you with the "Whois" tool to determine who owns a name domain. Careful: some offshore companies (InternetBs Bahamas not to quote them) allow anonymous Whois. Quick tip: If you see someone registering a domain name with your brand, use the query "whois name of the person or owner" to see what are

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  • Générer / créer gratuitement un QRcode

Generate / create a free QR Code

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We provide free of charge the generator alias QRcode Barcode 2d (not an f ***** Flashcode). This tool allows you to create QR TAG:   Text Phone Vcard URL SMS WIFI,etc.     [qrcodes_wpress display="generator"] New ! To test your QRcode created or general scanner, we have developed a mobile application Iphone. download it

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Try open-source CMS before installing them

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We had planned to setup a demo platform for our customers so they can test the various open source CMS available in the market (website, blog, forum, e-commerce). This project was aiming at supporting our recommendations and illustrate them with examples or real-world case studies. After the first discussion with our developers, we realized that the

  • Poleetic lance sa filiale en normandie : crea-internet.fr

Poleetic launched its subsidiary in Normandy: crea-internet.fr

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Thanks to our web development and graphic design missions in the past five years, we are pleased to announce the launch of our subsidiary in Normandy that specializes in creating leisure and tourism website in Deauvil and its surroundings. Why leisure and tourism sites? Our development portfolio is full of themes and graphics features available for Hotel, Restaurant,