The Leader of Portage Salarial in France and reference brand owner in this field, ITG asked Poleetic to build the digital strategy of the group and the optimization of the existing communication tools:

  • Editorial strategy
  • SEO strategy
  • SMO strategy
  • « GloCal » strategy
  • Migration strategy

Poleetic is also in charge of the brands visibility on the search engines result pages:

  • Audit and correction of the natural referencing
  • SEO strategy implementation with regular updates
  • Guidelines and methodologies implementation
  • Main website migration with no impact on visibility
  • Crisis management and recovery from a Google penalty
  • Coordination with the editorial and SMO strategies

Besides, Poleetic helped ITG to enhance its digital assets capacity to generate new leads:

  • Optimization of page loading speed
  • Optimization of web analysis markers
  • Implementation of monitoring tools
  • Inventories of targets and associated scenarii
  • Web analysis follow-up and performance dashboards
  • Creation of landing page
  • Forms optimization
  • Implementation of A/B tests