5 pistes pour sécuriser votre CMS (WordPress, Joomla, Drupal etc.)We do not mess with security…

Being virus infected or hacked can have serious consequences:

– Virus diffusion to your customers
– Misuse of social accounts (ex: LinkedIn)
– Misuse of your content and links for promoting 3P products – Pills, Pocker, Porn (ex: political science)
– Blacklisting by Google



In addition to always make updates to your CMS, to have daily backup of your servers, here are some ways to improve the security for your CMS :

  1. Changing URL to access log / pass of the back office.
  2. Allowing access to the backoffice only from your computers’ IP  (via .htaccess).
  3. Complying with your log / passwords politics and governance guidelines  (of course you have one!).
  4. Removing the footprint that allows to know the version of CMS and therefore  its weaknesses ( same thing in case of update).
  5. Set the  back office in  HTTPS.

Of course, all these points must be checked annually, documented and shared for a good #governance.