The factory site concept

Owning a factory site allows to build several sites on the same server and with the same installation of CMS, you can duplicate and adapt easily to a new need:

New entities,
New targets,
New services
Migration of existing sites (…)
… And administer consistently and strategically.

The installation of a factory requires rigor and the establishment of a specific governance (user, methodology …) but the benefits and power of sites are magnified.

We must differentiate factory sites and Multi site. the plant is a new instance standardized installation. The multi-site is a single pooled installation.

Avantages, risques et solutions des usines à sites drupal, wordpress et joomla


Cost reduction:

  • Mutual accommodation.
  • Pooling of developments and deadlines.
  • Pooling of maintenance and backup.
  • Sharing developments and shared services
  • Access to 12,000 free Drupal modules.
  • If brand redesign and new strategic messages broadcasting is simplified

Optimization of visibility:

  • Each site its own IP address (with the RIPE IP block)  google observes  no pooling technical performed, the process therefore impact positively networking between the site and SEO.
  • Each site can dynamically relay information of others in real time, and improve overall linking all sites (creation of networks linking).

Optimization Knowledge:

  • Each webmaster can move from one site to another (according to the defined access rights) will have the same interface.
  • Each webmaster can form a new group arriving webmaster.
  • Logging of all changes made on the sites (review of content).

Optimization of governance:

  • The center manages the local access in case of departure or mobility, they are mastered.
  • The center can monitor site performance and updating.
  • The center can take control in case of local or global crisis (and thus impact the online reputation of the brand)


The risks and developments:

Assiduous watch and necessary security:

  • All sites are on the same server, a technical default on the server or on a site impact out all plant sites.
  • A DOS attack (denial of service = saturation server) do not impact a site but all sites.


Eventually, once lapped factory and launched with several integrated sites, it will be necessary and duplicate servers and increase the security level of control (simultaneous connection to the same IP for example …) to provide the answers to these risks .