We waited for almost 1 year … originally nicknamed the “Hub Page”, the “Global Page” has finally arrived on Facebook: it allows us to manage, merge options, administration and access several brands, countries and business pages.

Facebook Global Pages, la solution de E-gouvernance sociale

We can now “finally” accept local initiatives from a store or franchisee as they are part of a global group structure and brand …

A big step in the direction of e-governance, a development that is similar to the function of WordPress multisite, we would like to this see become widespread among publishers targeting business … .

An example of what needs to be done in the same direction: Managing multiple Youtube channels including:

  • Only one email / Google account by chain,
  • A Google+ page chain

Nothing is consolidated, there is no centralization, everything is organized in silos, resulting in a significant risk of increased errors in the daily account management, and adversely affecting its performance, particularly in terms of commitment.

Tools like ScrOOn began to show the way, but it is disappointing that such initiatives do not come from any major publishers of social networks as they do not seem to identify these crucial tracks as the development for businesses.

Conclusion: Congratulations Facebook, you are heading  towards  the right direction!